Bird Feeder Craft Complete

I included this awesome bird feeder craft from Handmade Charlotte on our Spring Bucket List because I knew the kids would love it. We are huge bird lovers around here. Hudson has a ton of bird stuffed animals and we spend a lot of time bird watching at our backyard bird feeder. It’s fun because we have so many different kinds that frequent our feeder daily.

I know it’s not quite Spring yet, but since the weekend was supposed to be cold, I figured what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than making a Spring craft.

I didn’t get any photos of them in progress, but this is definitely a craft for the grownups to make. There’s a lot of cutting and hot gluing, so there wasn’t much the kids could help with, but we did take them to the craft store and let them pick out the materials.


Oh, I should note that instead of a paper towel roll as the base, we used tubes that originally held glow bracelets. They are very thick cardboard tubes. Much thicker than paper towel rolls. I saved them in hopes that I could eventually use them for something and this was the perfect project.

I would definitely recommend this project. The kids love their new toys. They are really quite sturdy and seem like they will hold up well over time. Most of the materials are basically recyclables or things you have around the house, except maybe the felt which is really cheap at the craft store. I think this only cost around $4.00 with the exception of the tiny pom poms that we bought to use as the bird food.

If your kids like birds you should totally make this for them.

Happy March! It’s almost Spring and I couldn’t be happier!

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