Sewing: Tea Party Napkins

I’m a beginner when it comes to sewing. I don’t know much about my sewing machine or all the different ways to adjust it, but I can do a basic stitch, therefore, I can manage to tackle simple sewing projects.

Last weekend little Harper bought a new tea party set with some leftover birthday money and we’re planning to have a “real” tea party this weekend. It was actually one of our activities from our summer fun list.

The tea party set came with a napkin holder and some junk paper napkins. I knew those napkins would last about a week in this house before being destroyed, so I thought it would be fun to sew her some real napkins to match her set. It turned out that I had fabric leftover from sewing her curtains and it matched her tea set perfectly. Bingo!

I took some time yesterday to cut out four squares (9×9 so that when they’re sewn they end up 8×8), then I ironed the seams (so that I didn’t have to use pins) and sewed them. I just did it the easy way and decided not to sew the little pocket corners, but they still look just like real napkins and it’s not like she’ll notice anyway.

She loves them and is excited about our tea party this weekend. I’m making cupcakes with pink frosting and our “tea” is going to be strawberry Kool-Aid. My kids have never had Kool-Aid. Is that weird? I drank it all the time when I was a kid, but never think to buy it.

Here is a look.

photo (5) photo (4) photo (3) photo (2) photo (1) photo


I think this is a pretty awesome free project! They make her tea party set just a little bit more special and add a personal touch, which I’m all about.

Now I need to figure out how to put a quilt together, so I can get going on those quilted pillow cases that are a year late. Hmmmmmm…