Happening Now

Putting the finishing touches on Hudson’s birthday party decorations.

Working on Project Life.

Driving around and admiring all the beautiful pink, fuchsia and white blossoms everywhere. Spring is awesome.


Bringing the outside in with flowers from good ol’ Trader Joe’s. Daffodils paired with coffee is a great way to start a morning.


Planning to get some yard work done this weekend if the rain holds off.

Thinking we’re probably in the clear from frost and can plant flowers in our pots now.

Meeting my sister and her family for dinner tonight at one of our favorite restaurants.

Making the cutest headbands for Harper and thinking I’ll definitely be adding them to my Etsy shop.

Eating (too many) Target donuts. I have to admit that they’re pretty darn delicious.

Baking my first ever loaf of rustic crusty bread and planning to make many, many more. Spoiler alert: It was seriously simple.


Loving having the windows open first thing in the morning. It’s the little things…

Listening to the birds singing outside my windows.

Watching The Missing. Well, we watched the first episode the other night. I can tell it’s gonna be a good one. I’m pretty sure that’s our plan for Friday night :  )



Wishing you a fantastic weekend!

Summer Bucket List 2015

While I was designing Hudson’s birthday invitations and decorations (he is having a bug themed party) I was inspired to create our annual Summer Bucket List for 2015. It’s a bit early considering we are just finally starting to really see Spring arrive in our part of the country, but that’s okay. It gives us more time to make plans and I have a really cool project planned that will correspond with our bucket lists for each season. Stay tuned for that.

The kids love these lists and think it’s so much fun to cross activities off throughout the summer. My husband and I love them too because they’re a great resource on those days when you just can’t seem to keep the kids from being bored and bickering.

Here is my design for 2015. Feel free to right click, save it to your computer and print out your own copy. Pin it and share it with friends too!

Note: This list is for personal use only.


As you can see if you compare the lists, I keep all of our favorite activities each year, but try to change things up a bit too. This year I one of the activities I added is a “hooray” day. I have that planned for Hudson’s first day of summer break. I’ll post more about it when the date gets closer in case you’d like to have your own “hooray” day.

And if you’re interested here are the previous year’s lists:










I hope you find these lists helpful, fun and super cute! Enjoy!


Is there anything you would add to your list? I love to hear about it!

Project Life 2015

I’m starting a bit late this year, but I’m still using Project Life to document our daily lives. I received my prints up through the end of March and got them in my album last night. I’m doing what I’ve done the past three years and document weekly.

Here is what I’m using this year:

Favorite Things core kit designed by Heidi Swapp. I am really excited about using this kit. The colors are so great and I love the designs. This is my first kit with floral designs since using the Amber edition (forever ago!!) and I’m loving these. Also, last year I was excited to use the new Kiwi core kit until I opened it and started going through the cards. I was disappointed. That kit is NOT my style at all and the colors read a lot different on the computer screen. I’ve mixed it with left over cards from the Seafoam kit to make it more my style but I’m considering buying a different kit (there are so many awesome kits to choose from now) and going to back and redo what I’ve done so far. At least I’m only half way through the year. Anyway, Favorite Things is definitely one of my favorite things!


Design A pocket pages. These are what I’ve been using since the beginning, but I add other designs in depending on the week and the activities we have going on. I always add something extra during the kids birthday weeks and vacations.


I haven’t 100% made up my mind on the album yet. I’ve been using We R Memory Keepers faux leather albums in vanilla for the past three years, but I really like the look of the gray, so I may do this year and then the next two years in gray and then maybe switch up the colors again. Which means I would do the same color album three years in a row and then change colors. It could be a nice change, but I also like the look of having them all be the same color. Hmmmmm…decisions, decisions. I’ll get back to you on that.



images source

I’ll also be using lots of embellishments, as well as, digital files for both Elise Blaha Cripe and Ali Edwards.

Hopefully I’ll be better at keeping up with this years book and catch up on last years as well. Sometimes this project can be a bit overwhelming, but it’s so, so worth it when you can look back at the completed albums.

Hooray for Project Life!

Happening Now

Enjoying quiet Spring mornings SO much.


Reading Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple.

Watching (finally) season three of House of Cards.

Listening to the birds outside. I’ve been opening the kitchen window first thing every morning just so I can hear the birds.

Attempting to sewing my first zippered pillow covers with this fabric that I found on Pinterest and ordered from Etsy. I’m basing our master bedroom makeover around it.


Planning and designing Hudson’s bug themed birthday party. Who knew I’d be so excited about bugs!

Making more things for my etsy shop. I’m thinking koozies and headbands for summer.

Catching up on Project Life. For real this time. I finally bought an album for last years book and I ordered all my photos up through March for this years. It feels good to get caught up.

Working on the yard this weekend. It’s been raining all week so it will be nice to get out in the sunshine.

Feeling so proud watching Hudson at swimming lessons on Saturdays. He’s doing so great considering he was really scared at the beginning. He rocks.

Trying to decided on a summer vacation. We still haven’t made plans…

Looking forward to a slow paced weekend after having two busy weekends in a row.


I hope you have a great weekend!

Turning 35

I was actually a little excited to turn 35. It just felt to me that it would be an awesome year. And so far it has been.

My birthday gift from Jeremy was tickets to see Fleetwood Mac down in Kansas City the weekend before my birthday. We hadn’t spent a night away from the kids in over a year and a half, so we were super stoked to get some time together just the two of us. We left Saturday morning after Hudson’s first swimming lesson. We stopped for coffee and got on the road.


The first thing we did when we got into town was hit up IKEA. I couldn’t wait to spend the money that we saved from Christmas just for this trip. I needed new bedding, wanted some throw pillows and picture frames and then ended up picking up some other fun stuff along the way. Jeremy also bought me the cubby shelves that I’ve been wanting forever as my birthday gift from the kids.

After our shopping trip we rushed to the hotel, got ready and went down to the Light and Power District where the concert was to eat some dinner. We couldn’t get into the restaurant we hoped to because it was crazy busy, so we ended up eating pizza at the Pizza Bar. It was awesome and so much fun. We had a beer out in the plaza and then headed into the concert.




Seeing Fleetwood Mac was everything I thought it would be and more. I grew up listening to them and it seemed crazy actually seeing them in person. Our seats weren’t great, but it didn’t matter one bit. It was amazing.

IMG_6940 IMG_6945 IMG_6948 IMG_6957 IMG_6961 IMG_6966

We woke up Sunday morning, stopped for coffee and breakfast and got on the road for home. It wasn’t a long trip, but it was enough to fill us up for a while.

I spent me actual birthday just hanging out with Harper and then we went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. It was perfect.

35 is looking really good so far.

Catching Up

Last week started with my 35th birthday on Monday, which was so great, but by Wednesday I was stuck in bed the rest of the week with Strep. It was pretty miserable. I haven’t had Strep since college. Not fun. But I managed to mostly recover by Saturday and was almost completely back to my normal self by Easter. Thank goodness because Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Oh who am I kidding, all the holidays are my favorite now that I have kids.

Anyway, we had a great holiday spent at my sister’s house. I took along my big camera but didn’t even take it out of the bag because we were just too busy having fun.There were Easter baskets, egg hunts, delicious food and lots of sweet treats. Oh and jumping on the trampoline which was by far the kids favorite.



I’ll be back tomorrow with a little birthday recap.

Pom Pom Photo Garland

I was planning to add a couple of other garlands to Harper’s Hooray banner that hangs above her bed. It looked too plain just hanging all by itself.


That’s when I noticed an awesome photo garland over on Natalie Creates. Hers is huge and hangs behind her dining room table. I love it so much! I knew I wanted to make one for Harper’s room.


It’s much smaller than my inspiration garland, but I think it looks really cute and adds a lot of personality to her room.

Sidenote: Please ignore those ugly nail holes. They are still there from awhile ago and I keep meaning to fill and paint them. I need to add that to my list.

DSC_0639 DSC_0640

Once I hung it on the existing nail, I added a yarn pom pom on top. I wish I would’ve bought the trim with the smaller pom poms. I looked at that first and decided that I thought Natalie probably used the larger one…I was wrong. I may go back and buy the smaller one and use this for a future project instead. We’ll see. It works for now.


Harper loves it! I ordered a small stack of photos from Postal Pix (love them!) and let her pick out her favorites.

DSC_0644 DSC_0645 DSC_0646

That’s it! Another simple project crossed off my list!

Weekend Recap

Last week was Hudson’s spring break and we stayed very busy. Most of our fun was simply hanging out and playing in the backyard, but we also hit up the zoo and went for a hike in the forest. Here’s a photo recap of our fun. It all started with a trip to Sioux Falls to visit grandma and grandpa and ended with lots of digging in the dirt for worms. It was such a great week! I was sad to see it end.

IMG_6814 IMG_6816 IMG_6830

IMG_6836 IMG_6856 IMG_6861 IMG_6868 IMG_6883 IMG_6894 IMG_6905 IMG_6912


All of these photos were taken with my iPhone. I haven’t been good about carrying my big camera around with me lately. I really need to get back in the habit. I don’t feel like my phone is taking as good of photos now, especially compared to Jeremy’s new iPhone 6. I think I need one…

15 Books in 2015-Book Three

While browsing the books at the Goodwill a few weeks ago I found a copy of Where The Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. It was one of the first “real” books I read when I was younger. I loved it then and just had to buy it so I could read it again.



I loved it just as much this time around. It’s a love story between a boy and his hunting dogs. If you’re a dog lover like me then this story will definitely tug at your heart strings. I cried again even though I knew how it ended.

It’s a young adult novel and a quick read, but such a good story. I’ve been recommending this book to friends since I first read it and I still recommend it. I plan on loaning it to my mom so she can finally read it. I can’t wait until Hudson is old enough to read and understand it. I know he’ll love it too.

On to the next!